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Skylong Culture Media Group, as one China based leading Chinese Films & Televisions culture industry group, was founded by Mr. Xiaohui Long in 2001. The main business covers Films and Televisions production (like planning, investment, producing and distributing), planning and producing television programs, integrated operations for major programs (like planning, advertising, resource integration and program-performing) , talent agencies, science and media system integration(like TV station, CATV network equipment supplier, technical support and service ) and so on.

A series of excellent film and television works were made and shot by its affiliated films and televisions producing company. Among the works, "Guo Jia Ji Mi", "Guo Jia Ji Mi II ","Ban Lu Fu QI","Yu Qing Sao"and"Yuan Fen"has been classic and well acclaimed. "Bei Ping Wang Shi","Huo Zhe Zhen Hao","Shui Wei Ni Zuo Zheng"and "Jiao Li"were unanimously appraised by the audience and the professionals. "Da Xi Fa"(broadcast in CCTV 8 during the prime hours as 2012 new year grand play) and "Wo de Jing Ji Shi Yong Nan"(adapted from internet novel) has attracted wide social focus and has generated many social hot topics. The composing, investment and producing on film and television works with theme on national security represented by "Guo Jia Ji Mi"shows the absolute advantage of Skylong brand in the industry.

Taking " Touching the soul, Serving the health"as the cultural philosophy, Skylong Group insists on innovation and resource integration, and builds the development platform for affiliated companies and partners to realize jointly the cultural, product and service innovations.