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Taking " Touching the soul, Serving the health"as the philosophy, Mr. Xiaohui Long founded and invested Jiangsu Skylong Investment Group, Jiangsu Skylong Culture Media Group, Hong Kong XieZhong Group, Micro-Tech (Nanjing) Co Ltd and Nanjing Ningxing and Lizhixing Benz Auto 4S shop.

With the steady development of the affiliated group and company lead by Mr. Xiaohui Long, he has become domestic famous independent producer in the meantime. ""Guo Jia Ji Mi""and ""Guo Jia Ji MiⅡ""with the theme on contemporary national security laid the foundation for Skylong brand in the domestic films and televisions production. With Mr. Xiaohui Long as the chief producer and Skylong Films and Televisions as the investor, Skylong's influence in national security films and televisions can't be surpassed until now and Skylong legend is well acclaimed in and out of the industry.

Mr. Xiaohui Long's main social titles as follows:
Director, Jiangsu Film Association
Director, Jiangsu Television Artists Association
Director, Jiangsu Culture Development Fund
VP, Jiangsu Regional Culture Research Society
Standing Director, Jiangsu Media Arts Research Society
Standing VP, Jiangsu Legal Culture Research Society
Standing Director, Nanjing Broadcasting, Film and Television Institute Council
Adjunct Professor, Nanjing Normal University, College of Literature
Adjunct Professor, Nanjing Normal University, College of Chemistry and Environment Science
Honorary Principal, SIHong County HuaiBei Middle School Affiliated LiXing Hope Project Primary School

By believing "Rooting in Society, Developing in society, Serving in society". Mr. Xiaohui Long advocated and launched Skylong Commonweal to practice and distribute the public welfare with the full play of the advantage on content and platform created by the affiliated culture media group and films and televisions production.